I’ve typed up solutions to a few physics problems often set in BSc. courses, some because they aren’t easily found on the web and I’d like to make the lives of fellow labourers that little bit easier, others are here because by writing them up I was drilling them into my head.

I’ve tried to make them as clear as possible in my write-ups from my often less-than-legible notes, but if you have any problems/comments or spot any errors, do get in contact. I hope they’re of some benefit to you.

Particle Physics

Statistical Physics






This is obviously not meant to be exhaustive of questions or notes relevant to a topic (if you’re looking for lecture notes, you could do worse than the website (archived as it got yoinked) of a friend, JPOffline, but to help you understand the topics I’m passionate about. They’re not primarily intended for you to blindly copy—but of course, you are welcome to do so.

If you find any errors or have any comments, again, do let me know!