Just a quick one here.

It’s pushing a month since I last checked in, and not for want of desire. I’ve not been entirely negligent though: I’ve been busy putting together a few typed up solutions to both foundational and pretty challenging/rare problems in statistical physics.

My motivation is two-fold: a) to get extremely familiar with the material, what with exams just around the corner and b) for a few of the problems, the solutions are nearly impossible to do or to find help online for if you can’t do them.

So my solutions are published in the hope they will be a blessing to that lucky student who realizes sometimes it’s more worthwhile your time simply finding the solution online and learning it rather than spending hours and hours trying in vain to do it yourself.

You’ll find them under Projects.

Note: I can give no absolute assurances of accuracy, though I do my best to make them as correct and clear as possible. If you happen to spot any errors, do let me know.