So…, “so” used as here needs to die.

It adds nothing by its use but an air of aloof faux-intellectualism. It is not continuing a flow of thought. It is not communicating emphasis. It is superfluous and annoying.

It is a faux so.

It attempts to cast the hearer as a dumb dog eagerly awaiting the ball to leave the trainer’s hand at the time only of his knowing and choosing.

It is a duplicitous “erm” which tricks people into thinking what is ready to enter his ears is well-considered and useful – so well-considered that the speaker must first climb out of the depth of his thought to prepare the Simple English version.

It is a vocal tick, and like all ticks, should be pulled off and squashed with impunity.

It is the rape of language for stolen prestige, the theft of status at the cost of human good will, sacrificed for pottage.

It is phoney, fake, and false.

The faux so has got to go.