Why Passwords Suck…And What You Can Do About Yours

Password? That passwords are a hassle is a given. They’re a pain to think up and a pain to remember. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got two or three of varying degrees of strength which you use for everything. But really, you know this isn’t the best solution.

If this sounds a little like you, your passwords – or at least your password policy – probably could do with some improvement.

Here’s why, and what you can do. Continue reading

Virtualizing Your Web Development Environment With VirtualBox

If you’re a part-time developer or you don’t use your computer exclusively for web development, it makes sense for you not slowing things down with Apache and MySql every time you boot up.

Aside from grinning and bearing it, one option to solve this would be to start these services when you need them from the command line. It’s a fairly simple sudo service apache2 start in most Linux distributions, or the new sudo start apache2 way for Ubuntu.

An alternative, which has its own advantages, is to install your services in a virtual machine and load up the VM when you’re working.

Actually, it’s perfectly possible to use this set-up for more than just single-person local development, and many developers do this.

One great advantage a virtualized development environment has is that it Continue reading