Physics Problems and Related Stuff

Just a quick one here.

It’s pushing a month since I last checked in, and not for want of desire. I’ve not been entirely negligent though: I’ve been busy putting together a few typed up solutions to both foundational and pretty challenging/rare problems in statistical physics.

My motivation is two-fold: a) to get extremely familiar with the material, what with exams just around the corner and b) for a few of the problems, the solutions are nearly impossible to do or to find help online for if you can’t do them.
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Ahoy, and welcome to the blog!

Finally, after around six months of meaning to, I’ve got round to designing and launching my blog! So, by means of introduction, here’s my token first post, a little about me, and the design and background of the blog.
Me and a friend, apparently very happy about something

< -- That's me right there. I'm currently studying an MPhys in Physics at the University of Manchester, though during this, my third year, I'm studying at the Universit├Ąt Heidelberg, Germany on the Erasmus programme (till Summer 2013, if you’re reading this at a later date).

Although I do really enjoy Physics, and find the most mundane of equations fascinating, truth be told my heart has moved elsewhere. My main interests now lie in web and software development. Network and web app security also strongly appeal to my rebellious streak.

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