Ahoy, and welcome to the blog!

Finally, after around six months of meaning to, I’ve got round to designing and launching my blog! So, by means of introduction, here’s my token first post, a little about me, and the design and background of the blog.
Me and a friend, apparently very happy about something

<-- that's me right there. i'm currently studying an mphys in physics at the university of manchester, though during this, my third year, universität heidelberg, germany on Erasmus programme (till Summer 2013, if you’re reading this at a later date).

Although I do really enjoy Physics, and find the most mundane of equations fascinating, truth be told my heart has moved elsewhere. My main interests now lie in web and software development. Network and web app security also strongly appeal to my rebellious streak.

Enough about me; about the blog:

Tricky Decision 1: Roll Your Own (with CakePHP) or Stick with WordPress

I think it’s in the nature of some people, but I have always a late-adopter of things like jQuery and CMSes, feeling (very much wrongly, of course) it’s somehow lazy or a cop-out – especially if you’re a developer and it’s your own site. Designing with CakePHP would also serve as a tremendous introduction to the framework.

Not sure which way to go, I did the sensible thing and turned to Google for some advice. Stumbling upon this post revealed not only near-settled opinion to go with WordPress, but that numerous sites about CakePHP are themselves based on WordPress! Well, that was good enough for me.

And I’ll tell you, WordPress was definitely the right choice since setting up and getting the blog functional took barely a day (perennial tweaking notwithstanding).

Tricky Decision 2: What Should it Look Like

As you can see, the design is somewhat minimalistic. It’s actually based off WordPress’ default TwentyEleven theme, with practically everything hidden or removed since, not being naturally gifted with artistic ability, that’s all I can really do I’m a huge minimalist. I’ve kept it reasonably similar to the design I used to publish the Tesco Barcode crack, since I received compliments for, of all things, the simplicity of the design.

But: I’m on my iPhone and your site looks rubbish

I know.

Let me explain. There is a problem amongst web designers and developers to have great “Under Construction” pages and no real content. The main problem being there’s no impetus, no drive, no you’re not getting paid unless you finish this by Friday.

The best way to fix this?

Publish your half-baked site anyway, and then you’ll have it on your conscience that people are visiting it and thinking that’s the best you can do.

Hat tip to Matt Kersley for the inspiration. Here’s to hoping it works!

(Update: It’s working!)

Hopefully it now looks just as beautiful whether you’re on an SIII, iPad, or desktop.


Well, I hope you like the blog, even if you’re on a mobile device and it looks sucky (if you’ve got this far).

Posts will be somewhat sporadic. Comments and suggestions very much welcome.